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HIGHTOP is a one of most leading egg equipment and egg machine manufacturer and supplier from China. We have decades of experience and have been focusing on the research, development, manufacturing and service of various egg processing equipment. So far, we have supplied our equipment and services to many poultry farms and egg processing companies around the world. Our quality egg machines and services have also been highly praised by customers.

It saw a continuous growth in demand for egg products nowadays. As a professional egg processing equipment manufacturer and supplier, HIGHTOP has transformed these needs into simple, fully automatic, and highly reliable machines, so as to minimize your labor and production costs, increase production capacity. Egg processing requires cleaning, drying, grading, packaging, etc. We provide a full series of equipment for the entire production process, including egg grading machine, egg washing machine, egg separator, egg printer and egg packaging machine, etc.

Whether you want to build a new egg processing plant or need to optimize existing production facilities, HIGHTOP provides you with highly innovative and reliable overall solutions to maximize your productivity and gain market competitive advantage.

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Hightop is one of the leading poultry equipment manufacturers and suppliers in China. We have more than 20 years of experience in egg processing equipment and can provide customers with a full range of egg machines and services.