Industrial & Commercial Egg Cracker (Breaker) & Separator Machine

HIGHTOP is a one of the most professional manufacturers and suppliers of industrial & commercial egg cracker & separator machine. We designed a series of egg breaking and separating machine according to customers’ different egg processing requirements, which can maximize the amount of liquid obtained in the eggs. We have special egg centrifuges for separating egg shells and egg liquids, as well as egg separators for separating egg yolks and egg whites, with a maximum capacity of 8,000 eggs/hour. The separation success rate of egg yolk and egg white depends on the freshness of the egg. We guarantee that the separation rate of yolk and white reaches 90%.

The body of the commercial egg separator is made of food grade 304 stainless steel, which has excellent durability and hygiene, and meets all safety requirements of food processing.

How does the egg breaking and separating machine work?

The conveyor sends the eggs to the robotic arms, which will capture any rolling eggs and cut the shells with a special knife. The egg yolk and white will flow into the tank, and then, the egg white will be separated from the yolk through continuous vibration.

HIGHTOP egg cracker and separator machine is available in the following models.

egg breaker machine


501A Egg separator

Commercial Industrial Egg Breaker Egg Separating Machine



  •  Material is stainless steel with great durability and hygiene.
  •  Separation rate of yolk from fresh eggs reaches 90%.
  • Egg seperating and eggshell crushing is done at the same time, reducing working space and time.
  • An inner sieve made of a perforated welded plate ensures an eggicient filtering of centrifuged egg liquid.
    The machine retrieves the egg liquid from the ceushed shells, therefore minimizing the amount of wasted product.
  • This egg separating machine can be installed with 202B egg washer to build up 300C egg processing line with capacity of 10000 eggs/hour.
  • Small machine size to save storage space.
  • Machine is equipped with 5 locking casters on the allow for easier movement
  • 501B egg separator can be used offline


Specification of Egg Separator
Product name Egg separator Egg separator Egg centrifuge
Product code 501A 501B 500
Model HT-PS-5 HT-PS-18 HT-L-80
Capacity 3,000 eggs/hour 8,000 eggs/hour 20,000 eggs/hour
Break heads 5 18
Material Stainless steel Stainless steel Stainless steel
Power 90W 440W 5.5KW
Voltage 220V,50HZ,single phase 220V,50HZ,single phase 380V,50HZ,3-phase
Dimension (L*W*H) 1.38*0.85*1.18 M 3.0*1.13*1.4 M 1.8*0.68*1.15 M
Function Egg breaking
Egg yolk separating from egg white
Egg breaking & separating Egg centrifuge
Separate egg liquid from egg shell

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