Egg Processing Equipment – Chicken Egg Processing Line

HIGHTOP is a leading manufacturer and supplier of egg processing equipment. Our advanced technology and innovative concepts can help you improve production efficiency and achieve maximum productivity.

HIGHTOP egg processing line is designed to meet different egg processing needs. It is modular equipment, which can be assembled into various egg processing production lines according to specific egg processing requirements. These egg processing equipment lines usually include egg loading, candling inspection, egg washing, drying, printing, grading, automatic packing and other equipment.

Egg processing line (with egg washing and grading machine)

It is used for cleaning, grading and packing of eggs. This processing line can be equipped with PLC control and self-diagnosis system.

Optional devices include vacuum egg lifter and printer.

Egg processing line (with washing and egg liquid separation)

Used for pre-washing and egg separating. The body made of food grade stainless steel has excellent durability and hygiene, meeting the hygiene needs of the food processing industry. It consists of an egg washing machine and a centrifuge. The centrifuge separates the shell and the liquid through a high-speed rotation process. This egg processing line is suitable for bread, cake or dessert processing plants, and other food processing industries.

300A Egg processing line

Chicken Egg Processing Equipment


300C egg processing line

302B egg processing line

liquid egg processing equipment


Chicken Egg Processing Line


302A Egg processing line

egg processing machine



Specification of Egg Processing Line
Product nameEgg processing lineEgg processing lineEgg processing lineEgg processing lineEgg processing lineEgg washing crashing lineDuck egg processing lineDuck egg processing line
Product code300A301A302A302AS303A300C302B303B
Capacity3000 eggs/hour5000 eggs/hour10,000 eggs/hour10,000 eggs/hour20,000 eggs/hour10,000 eggs/hour10,000 eggs/hour20,000 eggs/hour
Dimension (L*W*H)7.3*1.57*2M9.0*1.7*1.5M15.7*6.0 *2 M12.5*2.7 *2 M16.1*5.7 *2 M8.8*1.1 *2 M15.1*3 *2 M12.9*6.5 *2 M
Net weight800KG900KG1500KG1200KG1600KG550KG700KG950KG
Gross weight1150KG1450KG2150KG1850KG2350KG850KG1350KG1550KG
MaterialStainless steel
Voltage380V,50HZ,3-phase ( can be customized according to your electricity)
Fuction of each processing lineRamp loadingAccumulatorAccumulatorAccumulatorAccumulatorWater bath loadingAccumulatorWater bath double line loading,
candlingsanitizer sprayercandlingcandlingcandlingwashingcandlingwashing
sanitizer sprayerwashingsanitizer sprayersanitizer sprayersanitizer sprayerdryingsanitizer sprayerdrying
dryingUV sterilizingdryingdryingdryingcentrifuge
(separate egg liquid from egg shell )
dryinggrading & counting
UV sterilizingcandlinghead turninghead turningAccumulator/head turningmanual collection conveyor
gradinggradinggrading & countinggrading & countinghead turninggrading & counting/
//auto-packermanual collection tablegrading & countingauto-packer
manual collection conveyor/auto-packermanual collection conveyor
/manual collection conveyor/

Features of Egg Processing Equipment

  • Made of stainless steel for better durability, corrosion resistance and hygiene.
  • Egg processing machine can be installed in a straight line, in a right hand turning or in a left hand turning based on the room space of your shed.
  • The whole line can include vacuum egg lifter, accumulator, candling booth, sanitizer sprayer, washing, drying, printing, head turning, grading & counting, auto-packer, manual collection conveyor, etc according to your requirements
  • Equipped with color touchscreen PLC

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